1 8   S T E P   P L A C E M E N T   P R O C E S S

  1. Gather information to put together a complete search assignment
  2. Research to locate potential candidates
  3. Check existing database for leads
  4. Recruit
  5. Perform in-depth interviews with potential candidates
  6. Arrange and coordinate interviewing schedule(s)
  7. Prepare and counsel candidates for interview(s) with regards to company needs, culture, organizational fit, hiring authority personality, etc.
  8. Prepare client for interview by providing full pre-interview information
  9. Debrief candidates after each interview
  10. Debrief client after each interview by assessing strengths, weaknesses, chemistry, etc.
  11. If necessary, repeat steps 7 - 10 for each series of interviews within the corporation
  12. Coordinate with client on possible offers to be made and to set the stage for acceptance
  13. Participate with client to provide any other necessary information required for negotiating an acceptable offer
  14. Reconcile any differences with successful candidate to facilitate an offer acceptance
  15. Extend offer to candidate; offer acceptance; and obtain a start date for employment
  16. Assist candidate for successful resignation and to be aware of counteroffer
  17. Keep close contact for next two weeks during crucial time for counteroffers
  18. Follow up after placement with client and candidate to assure that the transition is a smooth one