T H E   R E C R U I T I N G   P R O C E S S

The keys to our success are thoroughness and speed, so that your needs are fulfilled quickly with highly motivated, talented and committed individuals who are a great fit to your organization. This describes how we manage to do that for you.

Our job is to locate, screen and recruit candidates who not only meet, but exceed your minimum qualifications, delve deep to find out their compelling reasons to change positions, and sell them on your unique opportunity. We will provide only those people which fit the criteria and who are not only motivated to leave their current situation, but are even more excited about your opportunity. Our goal is to provide these qualified individuals within two weeks of beginning a search for you.

Before we begin our search, we gather information describing the position, including background requirements, duties and responsibilities, compensation and benefits. The more information you give us, the more helpful it will be to define the ideal candidate, i.e. corporate culture, personality styles, etc. We want to find out as much information from you as possible so that when candidates arrive for their first interview, they have been anxiously looking forward to this meeting and are eager to present themselves as the right person for the job.

When we screen candidates, we collect information that is not available on the resume; we find out what triggers them, what they like to do and what they are willing to do for the right opportunity. Prior to the interview, we brief you on what their hot-buttons are, their strengths and weaknesses.

Finally, we keep in close touch with you and the candidates throughout the hiring process, so that we are confident to be in the best position to close when an offer is made. It is crucial to get feedback from you on your thoughts and feelings about the interview as soon as possible. It is equally important for us to give you the candidates' feedback so we can keep the process moving along smoothly. We want to get decisions quickly. Timing is everything. The end result will be a professional match where a mutually beneficial association will take place.